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  Q:Good morning. We bought to the fire fighters scool from porto alegre, Brazil, some time ago a digital camera MDCE-5A, with image driving software. however there ocurrs some broblems with windos vista. Is there possible to send a new version of the software? vitor hugo   (by:  vitor hugo)
  A:Dear vitor hugo,MDCE-5A are not our products,they are using Pirated software,sorry, we cannot help.
  Q:Dear sir, I have a digital camera (MDCE-5A) usb2 and I can not find the new driver for windows 7. My Cd does'nt work on windows 7 Could you help me? Best regards, Draye Françoise  (by:  Françoise)
  A:Dear Françoise,MDCE-5A are not our products,they are using Pirated software,sorry, we cannot help.
  Q:About 4 years ago I purchased a DCM130 USB2 camera from Brunel Microscopes in the UK. It has worked wonderfully well until I upgraded and bought a new PC. I have kept the same operating system that is: Windows XP with SP3. Although I have successfully installed 'Scopephoto & Minisee' from your website, the camera drivers will not install. It keeps recommending I use USB2 but my system is all USB2....can you help please Regards Alan  (by:  Alan)
  A:Dear Alan Shields,we have e-mail you the driver for XP-SP3,please check!(***@btinternet.com)2010-04-14
  Q:ma caméra pour microscope dcm130e digital caméra for microscope 1,3 M pixel, cmos chips soltware scopephoto fonctionne très mal. le logiciel ne fonctionne pas (logiciel pris sur le net). Prière de me fourni le necessaire correcte par mail. Merçi à vous  (by:  louis michel)
  A:Dear louis michel,we have send you the ScopePhoto update files to your email address ***@YAHOO.FR,please check.2010-04-10
  Q:Recien compre por internet un microscópio con camara Modelo MD 400. El disco del Sofware viene roto  (by:  Ramón A. )
  A:Dear Fallas,please contact AMSCOPE.com for new CD.2010-04-01
  Q:2 года назад приобрел камеру MY scope 130m под Windows XP SP3 не работает s/n-00172772 ПОМОГИТЕ!!!  (by:  сергей)
  A:Sorry!your S/N incorrect!(2010-03-29)
  Q:I have Windows SP3 and i need the driver for the DCM130 camera....I cannot find the s/n on the product at all.. Where can I get the driver?  (by:  Chad)
  A:Dear Chad Wiza,you can get it from this page:http://www.oplenic.com/driver.asp But I'm not sure it can make your camera work or not.(2010-03-25)
  Q:Hi, I recently purchased a vet Microscope with camera from AmScope. The CD installed the Amscope software, but when I plug in my camer (MD400E) nothing happens. My computer says that the driver for DCM35E is not installed. The CD device driver does not work! Thanks, Mustafa  (by:  Mustafa)
  A:Dear Mustafa Mujtaba,please contact AMSCOPE.com for new CD.(2010-03-23)
  Q:I have a DCM130 1.3M pixels, USB 2.0 camera for AMscope I purchased a couple years ago. I have been trying to load to my laptop for convenience and it just won't load the camera. It keeps erroring out and telling me I need XP Service pack 2, but when I try to download that, which it says is not for one computer, it keeps saying I have a newer version and don't need. Can you help Me? I have over 300 exotic finches and NEED this to work:) Thanks  (by:  Terri)
  A:Dear Terri Gennaccaro,we have send you the update driver,please re-try!(2010-03-23)
  Q:Dear Sir, I purchased a DCM130 camera for a microscope for my grandchildren last year but I did not give it to them because they were too young. The company I bought the microscope and camera from is no longer in business, unfortunately. I recently tried to set up the camera and the software driver would not work on my Win Vista system. I purchased the correct driver from you today and downloaded it and unzipped it. However, I cannot install it. Can you send instructions regarding how to install this driver? Thank you. Rick Gorczynski  (by:  Richard)
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